Credit Control and Management (CCM)

Bad debts and cashflow issues are two critical reasons why most businesses fail, and it’s vital to have skilled personnel to keep an eye on that area. Also many customers will not pay you until they are reminded to! It’s human nature that’s the way it is. It puts one in a tricky and uncomfortable conversation when the issue is left unattended for too long,  making the debt difficult to collect this leaves you at higher risk of having a bad debt. PolyNew Training Services equips you with specialist skills together with knowhow on developing the right systems and processes to put in place at the business, to collect even from late paying customers whilst at the same time creating good relationships and rapport with them.

Learning Objectives:

  • Explain the meaning of credit management
  • Understand the importance of terms and conditions of contracts
  • Make the trainees appreciate the ways of developing a contract
  • Explain what needs to be done before giving credits
  • Explain importance of proper finance management

We have great Advisors!!

This course is designed for all members of staff from management, supervisors to the staff on the shop floor.

The  module shall be delivered by way of:

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Video
  • Group presentations
  • Case studies
  • Assignments & Tests

Each training group will have their training resources tailor made to meet their specific training requirements. The delivery method will be adjusted accordingly.