Financial Technology (FINTEC)

This short course provides expert guidance and insight into the shifting nature of the financial sector.

The course will enable you to understand, execute and possibly develop disruptive financial innovations using appropriate tools and techniques. You will be able to demonstrate analytical skills to create, manage and interrogate large data sets applicable to the finance sector and build up a critical awareness of current issues in the fintech landscape. A range of programming tools will facilitate live implementations of financial models and allow you to analyse and evaluate investment decisions and data.

Learning Objectives:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of key theoretical finance and economic concepts underpinning financial markets
  • Understanding the fundamentals of technologies
  • Understand financial, economic and regulatory frameworks
  • Knowledge of alternative forms of finance
  • Critically compare, contrast and evaluate the different machine learning techniques in terms of their applicability to solving problems in finance
  • Have an in-depth understanding of the relationships existing among the key global financial systems
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the role played by policies in shaping financial services delivery and financial markets
  • Critically evaluate markets by being able to competently present arguments on the criticisms of the current set up
  • Demonstrate an appreciation of the social dimensions of technology use in financial markets

We have great Advisors!!

This module is specifically designed for business decision makers, financial professionals, and senior management professionals to better contextualize, interpret, and respond to the transformed financial services industry

The  module shall be delivered by way of:

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Video
  • Group presentations
  • Case studies
  • Assignments & Tests

Each training group will have their training resources tailor made to meet their specific training requirements. The delivery method will be adjusted accordingly.