First Aid Level 1 & 2

Great safety planning and training can ensure that accidents are few and far between, but accidents and medical situations still happen, making First Aid skills a valuable asset to have. PolyNew Training Services First Aid courses give you the knowledge and confidence to provide effective first aid whenever it’s needed. The good health and resulting productivity of employees is one area that is often overlooked as a means of improving a company’s profitability.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the meaning of First Aid
  • Appreciate the importance of first aid at work when one is sick/ injured
  • Knowledge of  procedures to assist someone when they fall sick at home/work
  • Understand the proper ways of handling sick patient and the procedures to call the relevant authorities
  • Describe the right procedures to help people with fractures

We have great Advisors!!

This course is designed for all members of staff from management, supervisors to the staff on the shop floor and general members of the community.

The  module shall be delivered by way of:

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Video
  • Group presentations
  • Case studies
  • Assignments & Tests