Workplace Ethics (WE)

Without work place ethics an organisation is destined for disaster. Workplace ethics  encompass how employees govern themselves and their overall work attitude, which can negatively affect production.  . Thus, we will assist you to make sure employees feel a strong alignment between their values and those of the your business. PolyNew Training  Services work ethics program will help you develop your ability to recognize and promote ethical decisions in the workplace, and identify ethical and unethical actions and behaviors.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the meaning of Work Ethics
  • Appreciate the importance of work ethics on the conduct of work
  • Gain insight as to what are the right and wrong things to do when doing work
  • Understand the right and wrong things in the organization
  • Describe the right procedures in working effectively

We have great Advisors!!

This course is designed for all members of staff from management, supervisors to the staff on the shop floor.

The  module shall be delivered by way of:

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Video
  • Group presentations
  • Case studies
  • Assignments & Tests

Each training group will have their training resources tailor made to meet their specific training requirements. The delivery method will be adjusted accordingly.